God Has Not Left Our Schools


It has been a difficult week to be on social media. I can usually agree to disagree with most of the posts, comments and replies from my friends. I can read statements that I even find offensive and privately SMH.

However, sometimes things are said that demand a public response, especially from a minister. Like, blaming the school shootings on God’s absence from public schools today.

I have read it almost everyday this week. Something like: “We don’t have a gun problem. Our problem is that we have taken God out of our schools.”

This is when the truth must be told. God has never left our schools.  And, any inference that God has left our schools calls for a response.

In fact, a theological argument could be made that God is more present in schools today than God was present in schools prior to the 1970’s when schools were segregated by the evil of racism.

That public schools strive for equality and equity like no other time in our nation’s history is evidence that God has not left our schools.

That gifted college graduates continue to sacrificially turn down higher paying careers to teach our children in public schools is evidence that God has not left our schools.

That schools are for children, our most vulnerable citizens, those Jesus said belonged to the Kingdom of God, is proof that God will never leave our schools.

And out of Parkland, Florida, we have seen even more proof.

That an entire nation has come together to grieve with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is an undeniable verification that God has not left our schools.

That teachers were willing to lay down their lives to protect their students is an indisputable sign that God has not left our schools.

That children are courageously marching in state capitals and in Washington DC to articulately speak truth to power is an irrefutable testimony that God has not left our schools.

That the efforts of these children are being demeaned, that they are being persecuted for righteousness’ sake, is a certain confirmation that God has not left our schools.

That God is right now, in our midst, taking this tragedy and resurrecting it, that God is working in our world to transform the evil of this mass shooting into something good, is an absolute verification that God has not left our schools.

4 thoughts on “God Has Not Left Our Schools

  1. Thank you Jarrett! Many years ago I heard a college professor say, “If you think there is no prayer in schools you’ve never been in a classroom on test day.” Just removing religion in the form of formal teaching and teacher led prayers doesn’t mean God leaves because God is all and in all. Now if we can just get people to wake up to that fact.

  2. Bob Truman

    A relationship with a supreme being ultimately is meant to be personal. My Bible teaches that when you pray go quietly to your room so your left arm does not know what your right arm is doing and converse quietly with your God. Do not go to the street corner and beat your chest and wail. It is as simple as that. Thankfully sincere pure thoughts are still ours if we desire them.

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