Back to School Prayer

Inside of a classroom with back to school on the chalkboard

Thank you, O God, for public school teachers and administrators.

Thank you for their selflessness, sacrifice and passion. Although they could have pursued more lucrative careers, their love for all children persuaded them to choose this sacred vocation. Therefore, please show us ways that the church can support them. Help us to join you in enveloping them with your grace and granting them the patience and the determination that is required to prepare all children for a future full of promise and hope.

Thank you, O God for children.

Thank you for the many lessons that they teach us: lessons of fun and play, lessons open-mindedness, a willingness to learn new ideas and to dream new dreams. Please help us to give them what they need to be the best students they can be. If they are hungry, help us to feed them. If they are struggling, help us to encourage them. If they are hurting, help us to comfort them. If they feel unloved, help us to love them, and through our love, may they come to know your love for them.

And forgive us, O Lord.

Forgive us for the church’s complacency as public school education seems to be less a priority in many states. Forgive our apathy as teachers continue to be among the lowest paid professionals in our state’s workforce. Forgive our silence as it becomes more difficult for poor children to get a quality, equitable education.

Forgive us, O God, and then stir us.

Move us. Mobilize us. Revive us again to be the Church, the body of Christ in our world. Help us to boldly be the embodiment of the Christ who welcomed and blessed the children, even while others sought to hinder him. Help us to be a blessing to all children without prejudice and without reservations. Reveal to us tangible ways we can support our public schools again, generously and persistently, until the day comes when all children are seen as you see them: your beloved children, created in your image.


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