Loving God with All of Our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength: A Pastoral Prayer

heat soul mind strengthO God, give us hearts that are full of gratitude.

And forgive us for taking so many things in life for granted. Forgive us for not living with the awareness that all of life is a gift of your amazing grace and unconditional love. Forgive our prideful, self-righteous hearts, for oftentimes acting as if we deserve life, as if we have somehow earned the blessings of life.

O God, give us souls that are full of compassion.

And forgive us for not living, acting, and speaking ask if we know anything at all about your suffering in Christ and the immense suffering of others. Forgive our complacent, self-centered souls, for oftentimes acting as if we are the only people in the entire world that matter.

O God, give us minds that are full common sense.

And forgive us for not using the holy gift of our brains for thoughtful contemplation and critical thinking. Forgive our ignorant, shallow, closed, and pompous minds, for oftentimes behaving as if we already have all the answers, for making things too simple, too black and white. Forgive us for being unwilling to seek your truth and your justice that has the power to set all people free.

O God, give us strength in our bodies and determination to offer our bodies as living sacrifices.

And forgive us for living as if our bodies were created only for our own pleasure. Forgive our self-indulgent, comfort-seeking, carnal ways, for oftentimes living only to please ourselves, for being unwilling to step outside of our comfort zones, outside of the safe sanctuary to selflessly and sacrificially love all our neighbors as ourselves. Forgive us for using our strength, our power and privilege to exploit the weak, the powerless, and the unprivileged.

O God, thank you for your love and give us the grace to love you with all of our hearts, all of our souls, all of our minds, and all of our strength. Amen.

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