Ten Observations from My Wheelchair

These things I have learned following my knee surgery:

1. Elevators are usually a great distance from the escalator or stairs.

2. Getting on an elevator when someone else in a wheelchair is exiting the same elevator requires speed, agility and sometimes patience.

3. Not all automatic handicap door buttons function properly.

4. Most doors are dangerously heavy and swing closed very quickly.

5. Going downhill is just as difficult as going uphill, and it is more scary.

6. Some thresholds are insurmountable without extra help from strangers.

7. Extra help is often readily available from strangers.

8. Strangers will make eye contact, smile and offer a warm greeting.

9. Strangers will hold doors open and compassionately ask if there is anything else they can do for you.

10. Strangers will approach you empathetically express concern for your well-being.

What a better world it would be if we treated everyone as if they are disabled or somehow challenged. Because, living in this broken, difficult, obstructed, sometimes scary and dangerous world, aren’t we all?

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