A Prayer for Our Graduates

Source of All Life,

We are grateful for the lives of teachers, friends, leaders, and family; for all whose lives have influenced our lives, and helped to make us who we are and who we are still becoming today. May the lives that have and continue to influence these graduates inspire them to lead, to serve and to care for the lives of others, as they care for the entire creation in which the mystery of their lives have happened.

Origin of All Love,

We are grateful for the love and support of those who have cradled our past, envelop us today and promise to surround us tomorrow. May these graduates mirror this love by living lives that always bear love for others.

Supplier of All Faith,

We give you thanks for the trust and confidence that education instills in us to follow our dreams, even if it means sacrifice and taking risks, going to places that we have never been before. May this faith encourage these graduates to dream bold dreams and give them the courage to bring those dreams to life.

Giver of All Hope,

We are thankful that our best days of living, the best days of seeing the meaning of our lives through are always and forever in front of us, even when we fall or falter. May these graduates always know the immense potential, see the boundless possibilities, and recognize the unlimited promises in all of the days that are before them.

Author of All Truth,

We are thankful for what we have already learned, but also for the opportunities that lay before us to continue learning.  May these graduates continue to be seekers of truth and knowledge, and may they always use truth, not for selfish advantage, but to be advocates of truth and justice for all people.

The One Who Grew in Wisdom through Jesus of Nazareth,

Thank you for teaching us how to live and to love. Continue to teach, lead, mold, and make us all into the people you have called us to be.  Amen.

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