Halloween: O Holy Night

peanuts halloween

Halloween is sometimes called an evil or even a demonic holiday. However, I believe when we narrowly define demonic evil as fictional ghosts, goblins, and vampires that come out one night of the year, we may miss the true demonic evil that surrounds us every day—Greed, hate, racism, sexism, ableism and all kinds of bigotry that haunt our world day and night.

Furthermore, when one takes a close look at how our society observes All Hallows Eve, I believe one can reach the conclusion that Halloween may be the most holy night on the calendar. For example:

On what other evening of the year do we turn on our porch lights to welcome, not only friends and family, but all who may pass by?  All are welcomed and greeted with smiles and laughter, and “all” even includes witches, monsters and little devils. It does not matter who they are or from whence they came; all are welcomed equally.

On what other night do we non-discriminately give to others expecting absolutely nothing in return? Others only have to open up their hands, their bags, or their orange pumpkin-shaped containers before us, and we gladly and generously fill them with something good.

On what other evening do we give to others until we can give no more? We keep our porch lights burning until we have given all that we have.

On what other night do we share grace, so freely, unconditionally, and generously? On what other night do we truly give to others as God has given to us?

Halloween is not evil, and it is not demonic, at least not the way that the majority of us celebrate it. All Hallows Eve is hallowed. It is holy. It is unreserved grace. It is unconditional love.

And it is a shame that such generosity only happens once a year. If it happened more, perhaps there would be much less true demonic evil haunting our world today.

So, go buy your candy, get a costume, decorate your front porch, and get ready for a holy night!

4 thoughts on “Halloween: O Holy Night

  1. This is a great post Dr. Banks! A few weekends ago I had a very unkind guest at the bed and breakfast tell me that my Halloween decorations were “creepy” and that I should be ashamed of myself and that I cannot call myself a Christian if I am going to decorate that way. She had several other hurtful and nasty things to say about me and my business as well. I cried for two days after she left. And it planted seeds of doubt in my mind. “I am not qualified to be an innkeeper. I am not a good Christian. I don’t deserve to have this amazing business anymore.” After reading this post those seeds of doubt have been uprooted. All Hallow’s Eve was the reason I chose to decorate the inn and after reading this post I feel much better now. Thank you for sharing these important thoughts. I needed this good reminder. (If you want to go to the Southard House Facebook page you can see how “creepy” the decorations are in a post I published on Oct. 14th.) Keep up the good work!

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