Stand for the Victims of Bullying

bullyIn the wake of yet another suicide incited by bullying at a local middle school, it is way past time for the church to take a stand. Sadly, for far too long, the church has been silent about bullying; and in some cases, the church has even been the bully. Unfortunately, there are reasons Christian pulpits are sometimes called “bully pulpits,” and some Christians are called, “Bible Thumpers.” They thump their Bibles and use their Bible to thump those who do not embrace their biblical views.

This is rather ironic when one considers that the Jesus of the Bible always stood on the side of the victims of bullying, on the side of those marginalized by society. He identified himself with “the least of these.”

He touched lepers,[i] cleansed the unclean,[ii] welcomed children,[iii] ate with sinners,[iv] praised minorities,[v] learned from one of another faith,[vi] loved the foreigner,[vii] respected a prostitute,[viii] gave dignity to Eunuchs,[ix] defended an adulterer,[x] protected the rights of women,[xi] made whole the mentally ill,[xii] lifted up the poor,[xiii] fed the hungry,[xiv] offered drink to the thirsty,[xv] blessed the meek,[xvi] advocated for prisoners,[xvii] promised paradise to a thief,[xviii] and even forgave this own murderers.[xix]

As we enter the season when some Christians bully non-Christians with their KEEP-CHRIST-IN-CHRISTMAS campaigns, let us begin a new campaign to KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTIAN. Let’s stand with Jesus by standing up and standing for those marginalized by society.

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