Born Holding Hands

Twins holding hands at deliveryLast Sunday in Ohio, which just so happened to be Mother’s Day, a rare set of mono, mono twins, Jillian and Jenna Thistlewaite, were miraculously born holding hands.

One of the most popular songs when I was born back in 1966 was entitled, Born Free.  “Born free, as free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows, born free to follow your heart.”

It’s a nice song.  However, when you take a good look at Jillian and Jenna Thistlewaite who were born this week holding hands, we learn something completely different. We were not born to be independent and free, but we were born to be very dependent on one another. We were born to need one another. Jillian and Jenna remind us that Christ has commanded us to love one another, to link up with one another in mutual care and concern, and to feel responsibility for one another. We were born to live in community.

We were not born free, as the song goes. We were born holding hands.

So, perhaps the worst kind of evil in this world is failing to accept one another. Or alienating another. Or living a self-absorbed, self-centered life.

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