Everybody Needs Somebody with a Skin-Face

Annunciation_scene_detail_-_webAs appeared in the Farmville Enterprise

Annunciation—it’s the big word to describe the call of God on a person’s life.  It is when ordinary lives are caught up in the extraordinary purposes of God.

The Bible is full of such stories. Someone is minding his or her own business, and then, out of nowhere, comes this call. And usually the person being called is startled and even afraid to be called by God. This is why Gabriel says to Mary, “Do not be afraid.”  And then the person being called usually has a lot of questions.  Mary asks, “How can this be?”

And who could blame her for asking?  She is but a virgin engaged to be married to Joseph.  She was far too young for such an annunciation.

That’s the way it is with most all annunciations. Do you remember the annunciation of Abraham?  When God called Abraham in the middle of the night, he was too dumbfounded to speak—probably because he thought he was too old for such an annunciation.  Do you remember the annunciation of his wife Sarah?  When she was called, she laughed out loud!

We learn throughout the Bible, that this is simply the way God works. God is in the annunciation business. Ordinary people are called throughout scripture to become caught up in the extraordinary purposes of God. And guess what? God is still calling ordinary people today.

A little girl was having trouble going to sleep during a thunderstorm one night.  Her father went into her room where she lay frightened in her bed.  She said, “I’m scared daddy, I don’t want to sleep by myself. Can I sleep with you and Mommy?”

He said, “Darling, you are not by yourself, God is here with you. So you don’t need to be scared. Just know that God is here watching over you and go to sleep.”  She said, “I know that Daddy, but tonight, I think I need to sleep with someone who has a skin face!”

This is why God is in the annunciation business. This is what Christmas is all about!  This is why the Word became flesh. This is why God came to earth…with a skin face! The truth is: everybody needs somebody with a skin face. God realizes that, and God calls people like you and me with skin faces every day for God’s purposes.

This holiday season, I hope that you will say “yes” to that call!

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